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Compound is a privately owned long term holding company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Washington, D.C. We build, buy, and invest in internet-based businesses.
Why sell your business to us:
  • Fast and easy diligence process
  • No golden handcuffs, founders are free to stay or go
  • Simple deal structure and cash payments
  • 100%┬áremote, no in-person meetings required
  • We buy and hold for the long term
We like to buy businesses with:
  • High margins
  • A unique advantage (brand, community, niche)
  • A simple business model you can explain to your parents
  • Healthy profit from $500K to $5MM
  • 3+ years of successful operations
  • A high quality team with a great culture
  • A positive and ethical approach

To see if Compound is a fit for your next step, reach out to